Creative Oscilloscope Diagnosis – 2 Days

You’ll have discovered the awesome diagnostic possibilities that become available to you having successfully completed our Essential scope training. On this course we’ll expand your knowledge with creative scope setups and techniques to enhance your diagnostic skills.

Creative ScopeOn this course you’ll learn the benefits that come with manual scope setup and how to use filters, bandwidth limitation and sample rate manipulation to best effect. You’ll discover where to use advanced triggering, alarms and mask limit testing as well as the benefits that come with multi channel testing and maths channels.

Add to that custom probe setup and why you’ll need these, as well as serial protocol decoding, and some must have accessories that’ll make your scope sing, and all in all you’ve got two days of scope heaven that’ll enable you to be more creative with your Pico and improve your diagnostic techniques.

Course Overview

  • Pico software customisation

  • The benefits of manual scope setup.

  • How to create custom probe types and why to use them.

  • Multi channel testing strategies.

  • Channel measurements and statistics.

  • Advanced triggering.

  • Masks, mask limit testing and alarms.

  • Marvellous maths channels.

  • Filters and bandwidth limitation.

  • Serial protocol decoding.

  • Measuring current and clamp considerations.

  • Accessories and transducers to enhance scope capabilities.

Creative Oscilloscope Diagnosis