Body Control and Network Diagnosis – 2 Days

Vehicle networks and body control systems can present there fare share of diagnostic challenges. On this two day practically focused course you’ll learn the foundation knowledge required to understand the popular networks, why they’re required, how they’re implemented and most importantly how to diagnose them effectively.

Vehicle NetworkYou’ll be using multi make and manufacturer specific diagnostic equipment as well as oscilloscopes and meters learning how to diagnose CAN, LIN and MOST, bus faults. Following networking you’ll learn about body control systems their associated actuators, sensors and control strategies, as well as an introduction to vehicle immobilisers the component parts along with the tips and tricks on how to diagnose some of the more common problems.

If you’d like to be more confident in diagnosing these electrical systems and have the chance to use our vast array of test equipment and information then this course is ideal and will give you skills that you can use the very next day in your workshop.

Course Overview

  • Networking Overview. Flexray, MOST, LIN, CAN, Etc.

  • Network construction and physical layer.

  • Network topology and diagnostic strategy.

  • Network diagnosis using serial tools,scopes and meters.

  • Introduction to protocol decoding.

  • Body control overview and functions.

  • Security system function, operation and diagnosis.

  • Immobiliser function, operation and diagnosis.

  • Comfort electronics function, operation and diagnosis.

  • Lighting technology function, operation and diagosis.

  • Serial diagnosis of the above systems using generic and manufacturer diagnostic tools.