Essential Petrol Engine Management Diagnosis – 2 Days.

Petrol Engine management faults are a daily occurrence for most independent repairers, on this two day course you’ll learn the foundation knowledge required for effective diagnosis of these systems and be able to put this into practice they very next day in your workshop.Check Engine

You’ll gain a thorough fundamental knowledge of engine management operation, as well as sensor and actuator testing and the best route to effective diagnosis using multi make and manufacturer diagnostic equipment combined with oscilloscope testing. You’ll also discover the secrets to testing fuel supply systems, as well as taking a look at ignition systems and how a fundamental understanding of oscilloscope diagnosis in this area is a great addition to your diagnostic skill set. We’ll cover emission control system principles and lambda diagnosis as well as an introduction to fuel trim analysis.

I know what your thinking… Wow that’s a whole bunch of info in two days, and your right. But if your looking for a practical course that gives you a broad look at engine management covering all the important area’s using a mix of great equipment and information then you’ve come to the right place.

Course Overview

  • Petrol Engine Management purpose and Function.

  • ECU control strategies.

  • Fuel supply systems, function operation and diagnosis.

  • Ignition system function, operation and diagnosis.

  • Introduction to ignition system oscilloscope analysis.

  • Fuel injector bench testing.

  • Sensor operation, function and test procedures.

  • Actuator operation, function and test procedures.

  • Serial diagnostic tool choice. Generic or manufacturer?

  • Diagnostic strategy. Understanding serial data.

  • Oscilloscope component analysis.

  • Diagnostic equipment. What’s hot and what’s not.