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The Auto iQ Technical Training Program

Our training has ONE focus; that’s to give you skills that can be put into practice THE VERY NEXT DAY and make a real difference to your business.

You’ll learn the right skills for your technical level, increasing in confidence as you progress through the program, taking what you’ve learned to the workshop and enhancing your diagnostic results.

You may have already undertaken training or are unsure which courses are right for you. We’ll help develop a training plan that’s personalised to you.

Our Unique 3 Step Training and Support System

We’re focused on giving great value and ensuring you take away the skills required for success.

Pre Course Training*


Information to give you a head start and make the most of the Face to Face training. *Available on our manufacturer courses.

Face to Face Training

Face to Face Training

Practical learning in a workshop environment. Small groups learn real world skills guided by your trainer.

Post Course Support


We’ll be only too glad to answer your post course related questions in our online support groups.